Neighborhood of the Week, Ocean Park

Neighborhood of the Week, Ocean Park

In case you aren’t familiar, Ocean Park is a neighborhood in Santa Monica. As far west and south as you can possibly go, in Santa Monica, and you’ll be in Ocean Park. The diving lines are as follows; North is Pico, South (this one is tricky) Barnard Way/Marine/Ozone, East is Lincoln, West is Ocean Front Walk.

The eastern border is very important as many residents in this area simply dread or refuse to go East of Lincoln. I’ve even seen t-shirts and bumpers stickers with AWOL on them (Always West of Lincoln.)

What’s really great about this area is proximity to the beach & the climate. Also, I’ve heard that some of Santa Monica’s best schools are in Ocean Park.  Such as, John Muir Elementary, SMASH Alternative, & Olympic High School. A really great preschool is The Growing Place.

Their are also some really great historical homes and even a  historical district on 2nd and 3rd.

2323 5th St, Historcial Home SOLD

Some of the most popular places are the beach (of course). Main St, & the Sunday farmer’s market.


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