North of Wilshire Neighborhood, Santa Monica, CA

North of Wilshire Neighborhood, Santa Monica, CA

North of Wilshire Neighborhood, Santa Monica, CA

North of Wilshire Neighborhood, Santa Monica, CA

Why do people live here?
In addition to the proximity to the ocean, people choose to live in Santa Monica North of Wilshire for the excellent public schools, walking distance to shops and cafe’s, and public parks. Franklin Elementary is desired for the parent teacher involvement, and community presence. Some of the best parks in Santa Monica and the Westside are located North of Wilshire. Palisades Park is the best park for ocean views, picnics, and outdoor exercise. Douglas Park has a pond where you can watch the ducks, tennis courts, lawn bowling, and plenty of playground equipment for the kiddos.

Looking for a home North of Wilshire?
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North of Wilshire, but South of Montana Avenue, is a primarily residential neighborhood. Laid out on a consistent grid of numbered streets, there are many mid-sized homes and condominiums. On its westernmost end this neighborhood includes a number of well preserved Victorian duplex houses otherwise unique in the city. Smaller Craftsman era bungalows line the east-west avenues like Idaho, Washington, and California.

Living North of Wilshire, you will find that the largest concentration of homes and single family residences are 22nd Street and East, and condo’s to the West. At the corner of Washington Avenue and 22nd is the original Gehry House, a deconstructivist masterpiece that signaled a dramatic shift in Frank Gehry’s architectural style. Real estate is exceptionally expensive in this neighborhood, albeit slightly less expensive than the more stately properties north of Montana. Home prices range from 1.5 million up to 4.5 million.
What Schools Will the Kids Attend?
While there are excellent choices for private school. The public elementary schools are just as desirable for many residents North of Wilshire Roosevelt Elementary, and Franklin Elementary. Lincoln Middle School is on 14th Street and California Ave. And Santa Monica High School, or SAMOHI.

Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?
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