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Phase two of the Expo Line is Opening!

It’s about time that the Expo Line will be finished connecting Culver City to Santa Monica. Santa Monica rent’s are rising along the unopened expo line and buildings can be seen sprouting up in Downtown Santa Monica, just walking distance to the station. This will be the first connection between downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica, increasing the public transportation levels between the two. It’s close to opening as more parking meters and paid lot parking have been rising over the course of the last month. For example Memorial park gym on Olympic and 14th now has parking limitations as well as a pay to park lot. These changes are rising around Santa Monica as well as the other stops.

The stops from East to West will be:

  • Palms Station (National & Palms)
  • Westwood/Rancho Park (Westwood & Exposition)
  • Expo/Sepulveda (Exposition & Sepulveda)
  • Expo/Bundy (Exposition & Bundy)
  • 26th St/Bergamot (Olympic & 26th St)
  • 17th St/ Santa Monica College (Colorado & 17th St)
  • Downtown Santa Monica (Colorado & 4th St)


The question we are being asked is…How much the new rail line is impacting the housing in Los Angeles?

The best way is to look at rents. Here is a chart of the increased rents (a 1 bedroom apartment) near the stops according to LA Curbed.

Map of rental prices along rail lines


Along with the new Expo line will be Breeze bikes which allows you to rent a bike through a mobile app and and drop it off at any station. This allows commuters who aren’t within walking distance for a chance to get to the train. The Big Blue Bus will also be adding in routes to stop at each of the new stations for patron’s convenience.

To honor the new Expo Line several events have been scheduled:

May 20th: Opening Ceremony at Downtown Santa Monica Station with free rides!

May 21st: All rides will be free from 10am-4pm at the Santa Monica stops.

June 5th: Santa Monica’s “The Coast” Open Street Event from 9am-3pm. Be aware because a two mile stretch of Santa Monica will be closed to encourage walking and biking around Santa Monica


To View Homes for sale near the stations click on the links below:

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