Home Insurance is one of the questions that owners are faced with and can be a headache just thinking about it. With lots of different offers and coverage how do you know what is the best for your home? The least expensive might not have the coverage you need on the other hand the coverage you want might seem like your buying another home to pay for it. Shopping around is the best way to find a good rate while comparing multiple companies & coverage. A great article we came across, The Best Cheap Home Insurance  by The SimpleDollar, gives advice on the best insurances for the best price. While contacting an insurance broker that deals with multiple companies is recommended, not everyone likes to go that route.

Other factors to note that can lead to discounts are your age, having no pets, or bundling with your auto insurance. There are many ways to save an extra dollar here or there so shop around and do your research! For recommendations on insurance agents feel free to contact us at (310) 737-8173 or info@KimandKristine.com.