Play up the fall feel of your home starting with the outside of your home. Make sure all leaves are raked and flower beds cleaned up. Let beautiful fall colors be shown by the trees around your home, not by the dead ones laying on the lawn.

Since we are talking about the outside your home, make sure the back yard is picked up and summer free. So put away all pool toys, tiki torches and beach balls. Have fun taking out warm colored cushions for your patio furniture and a fire pit to sit around.

Finally place pumpkins by the front door and a beautiful fall wreath. But do not carve your pumpkins it will cause them to rot faster.

Move inside

Start with fresh fall florals. There are so many options but a few are; marigolds, Mexican sunflowers, and strawflowers. Place in entry way, master bedrooms, and florals are a great add to any mantel.

To make your home feel warm and welcoming invest in some throws and pillows to match your floral arrangements. The colors should be of the season and inviting. You can add this to any couch or bed.

Keep those bare areas in tact with any kind of fall decor.

Use fall scents that are pleasing to the senses

Tie the experience with the much loved holiday cooking, with holiday scented candles. Some great choices are pumpkin spice, baked apple, vanilla cinnamon, or cranberry.

To also add to the experience of smell , have your dining table centerpiece be a cornucopia or gourds. This will help them envision Thanksgiving dinner in their new home.

Too Much is Too Much

Make sure not to overdo the fall decorations. Even though the buyers will appreciate coming into a refreshingly decorated holiday house, at the same time they want to be able to picture their own furniture and home decor in the house.

Keeping the decorations tasteful and minimal is best!